We hope that this page will have a short life, but given the importance of the subject matter we feel it deserves a slot to itself for the duration.


You will have all seen the latest advice to limit social contact. Many communities are forming their own voluntary help groups, and Lighthorne is no exception. We have volunteers in most streets in the village, and as permission is obtained from them they will be listed here. If you are self isolating and need assistance with shopping, prescription collection, posting letters, dog walking, etc, or if you'd just like a friendly chat, please feel free to contact one of the volunteers.

This leaflet was delivered in the village and in Redlands, but it appears there were some gaps in our delivery, with at least one house in Old School Lane missing out. If you hear of anyone else who has missed out who may not have internet access, please print a copy and give it to them.

Prescription collection from Hastings House dispensary

Please click on this link to read about our prescription collection service if you need assistance collecting your prescriptions from the Hastings House dispensary. If you are not registered with Hastings House but need assistance with your prescriptions please send details of the practice with which you are registered to Andy Smith at andy.lighthornepc@gmail.com.

There appears to be some doubt over how much time you need to allow between ordering a repeat prescription and it being collected. If you have a repeat prescription you may wish to re-order at least one week before you require it. Repeat prescriptions from Hastings House may be ordered from their web site.

Support our village businesses

Like all hospitality businesses The Pavilion Café and The Antelope are having to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. Please take a look at Ben's Boxes for details on Ben's grocery service. Tom is providing hot takeaway meals in the evenings from the hatch at The Antelope. The choice will change frequently so keep checking back. Budweiser are promoting a Save Pub Life initiative whereby you can by a voucher up to £100 to use in The Antelope when they re-open, and Budweiser will double the value for The Antelope. Click here to buy a voucher.

A message from Warwickshire County Council

We want to hear from any of our residents who have concerns about unsupported elderly or homeless residents who have had to self-isolate because of Coronavirus. Please contact our customer service centre on 01926 410410 to make us aware. Please share.

WCC have set up an advice page for coronavirus. This page includes a list of organisations providing or facilitating local community support.

Wellesbourne COVID-19 Community Support

Wellesbourne have set up a web site with information about the community support available for the area. We liaise with them on the Hastings House prescription collection service.

Grocery shopping when self-isolating

Unless I missed it an improved click&collect service from Sainsburys never materialised. However, things seem to have quietened down at the supermarkes now, so perhaps the need has diminished. It does seem that the derrière polishing society remains at full strength given the continuing scarcity of loo rolls.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all Sainsburys dedicate 8am - 9am to serving elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers, as well as NHS and Social Care workers. They will just need to show us their pass or ID when they visit. (Here is this announcement in full).

Government and NHS advice

We have been sent three posters carrying advice which you can view by clicking on the links below.

The most up to date advice from the Government is available here. In particular please read the advice on self-isolation. Advice from the NHS is available here. For a global view the World Health Organisation web site is a good place to start.

Scams capitalising on coronavirus

Sadly, as a stark contrast to the community spirit of selflessness that we are seeing around the country, the most despicable among us seek to prey on the vulnerable. Here are some of the latest scams. Neighbourhood Watch have more information.

Why bother to self-isolate?

I think I'll let an A&E doctor answer that...

As we join the world in this fight against covid-19, the country will be turning to us as doctors & nurses to get you through it.

Within a few weeks we could be staring the peak of the outbreak. My daily work has already changed and soon my fellow junior doctors and I will be seeing and doing things we never imagined.

When that time comes, you will likely be in mandatory isolation, but spare a thought for my colleagues and I who will be in the hospital.

You won't be able to help us then. But you can help us now.

We are seeing too many people being too careless with isolation. You may think "it's just nothing", but that is not how this plan will work.

Every day, I am stressing the importance of this to patients and even friends/family who are far too blasé. I bear no guilt in calling you out on this.

I urge you all to strictly follow the isolation rules. Currently, this means isolating your entire household as soon as you notice a new cough or fever, for 14 days.

Your inaction will cost lives, burden our healthcare system and prolong this crisis.

If you want us to help you during your time of need, then please trust us healthcare staff during ours. Isolate yourselves appropriately and support your friends and family to do the same.

Some people will experience their worst nightmares and we will feel their pain with them. Please do your part now to help us in the NHS in the weeks and months to come.

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Junior Doctor, A&E