Notice of elections

Current members of the council

Andy Smith
The Stables
Lighthorne Rough

07463 790948
Vice Chair
Mike Langhorn
Church Hill House
Church Lane

01926 651821
Bob Middleton
Windsor House
Farriers Way

01926 650356
Susan Knapton
10 Meadow Close
Redlands Park

07539 235667
Christian Driver
Moreton Morrell Lane

07702 033867

Roles & Responsibilities

The Parish Council has adopted scheme of delegation giving a degree of autonomy to the Clerk. In addition individual councillors are allocated lead roles in certain areas.

You can read the register of interests for parish councillors on Stratford District Council's web site. In May 2022 SDC adopted the Local Government Association Model Councillor Code of Conduct, and at our May 2022 AGM we resolved to subscribe to the same code of conduct. You can find out about this code of conduct here.

Becoming a councillor

Lighthorne Parish Council may have up to six councillors. If the council has fewer than six members then new members may be co-opted if candidates come forward. If there are more candidates than vacancies, or if more than ten parishioners request it, then an election must be held.

Clerk to the Parish Council

Laura Newberry
Forest Lodge
Bishops Hill
CV35 0BA