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Mid Fosse Parishes Magazine - May 2020

The May edition of the parish magazine is now available online.

General handyperson required

Lighthorne Parish Council is seeking an occasional handyman or woman able to carry out ad-hoc maintenance and other small tasks in the village. Such tasks might include:

  • Repairs to public benches
  • Emptying public bins not included in the regular bin collection
  • Attending to fallen trees in public areas where safe
  • Inspecting and tidying public sites after travellers have visited

Applicants should be of a practical nature, fit and mobile. There are no set hours. The position would formalise some activities currently undertaken by volunteers and would be paid an hourly rate for work undertaken to be agreed with the Parish Council, along with any expenses incurred with prior approval.

If you think that this is something that would appeal to you please call any Parish Council officer for a chat. Contact details for Parish Councillors are on the LPC web site.

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