Lighthorne Village Speeding Survey

Thank you to those of you that responded to our speeding survey. Please take a look at the results of the survey. A paper copy is available from the clerk if required.

Warwickshire Road Safety Strategy to 2030

You are invited to submit your views on Warwickshire's road safety strategy. More details on the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership web site.

Local Government Reform

Changes are afoot. Proposals are emerging to create a Unitary Authority or two in Warwickshire, to cover the services currently provided by Warwickshire County Council, Stratford District Council, and four other district and borough councils. WCC favour a single Unitary Authority for the whole county. The five district and borough councils favour two Unitary Authorities, one for North Warwickshire and one for South Warwickshire.

As part of these changes it is proposed to offer parishes the opportunity to take on certain services currently provided at a higher level. We are promised that new responsibilities will not be forced upon parishes, and that double devolution as they call it will only happen where parishes request it. Lighthorne Parish Council is keeping an open mind, but given that we are currently 33% under strength in councillors we may not be rushing to take on more responsibility.

You can read more about Local Government Reform in Warwickshire on the Warwickshire County Council web site.

Become a COVID-19 Community Champion

If you are interested in getting some free training to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on the community, and how you can help, please see this flyer from Warwickshire County Council. Instructions on how to take part are given in the flyer.

Parish Council e-mail list

If you would like to receive e-mails when the Parish Council have something to announce then please send an e-mail to Cllr Andy Smith. This link should put you into a pre-completed e-mail which you just have to send, but if it doesn't work please just send an e-mail to asking to subscribe to the list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

As well as our Parish Council facebook page there is also a community facebook page which facebook users may wish to join.

Parish Council newsletters

From late 2020 the Parish Council have resolved to publish quarterly updates in the Parish Magazine rather than an annual newsletter. We are pleased to support the Parish Magazine and hope that the well established delivery network will help us to reach more parishioners, especially those without access to the internet. Historical newsletter are linked below.

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