Movement of a public right of way

Please note this notice and this order & plan for the movement of a public right of way off Moreton Morrell Lane.

Stratford District Council Site Allocations Plan

Stratford District Council have a public consultation on their revised Site Allocations Plan running until 20th September 2019. To find out more and to see how to submit your comments visit the Site Allocations Plan page on the SDC web site.

The Parish Council will be submitting comments, and welcome your views on the plan. SDC are holding public drop-in sessions where questions may be asked:

  • Thursday 5 September, Stratford (Elizabeth House), 4-7pm
  • Wednesday 11 September, Alcester Library, 2:30-5:30pm
  • Thursday 12 September, Shipston Library, 2:30-5:30pm

South Warwickshire Citizens Academy

Warwickshire Police are holding its next Citizens Academy at their Police Head Quarters at Leek Wootton starting in September this year. It is open to all residents in South Warwickshire. They are asking for members of the community to sign up to attend their ten week course.

Applicants/students will then spend ten weeks meeting and receiving inputs from many different departments. There is no home work or course work, they simply ask that students engage and participate in the sessions with open and inquisitive mind.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get to know more about their local Police Force to find out how and why they Police in the way that they do. At the end of the course you graduate at a ceremony which should be attended by Chief Constable Martin Jelley and Police and Crime Commissioner Phillip Seccombe.

The course will run every Tuesday evening from 6:30pm to 8:30pm from September 10th until November 20th. The closing date for applications is 27th August. To request an application form please email

For more details visit the Warwickshire Police Web Site.

Gas Main Works in Lighthorne


  • 22/08/19 - GTC confirm that they have secured the direct route for their gas main and so now have no need to disturb Old School Lane. It has taken some time but we now feel sufficiently confident to declare victory in the effort to protect the village from severe disruption from the gas main. From road closure notices to this point has been a journey, and we would like to thank those of you who attended meetings and offered constructive suggestions along the way. In securing this, a few others had an increase in inconvenience as the alternative route significantly increased the disruption that they suffered. The Parish Council did all it could to ensure mitigations where possible, but we would like to thank those affected for their forbearance. This is a special community. Well done everyone. Until the next battle...
  • 16/07/19 - GTC have today confirmed that they do not plan to route the gas main down Old School Lane. However, this is subject to a legal transaction and until this is completed they are unable to state categorically that Old School Lane will escape disruption. I will update here when I have any further news.
  • 10/06/19 - Heath Farm Lane will be closed to all pedestrian and vehicle transport for approximately two weeks. The gas contractors are going to fence across the lane to prevent pedestrian and vehicle access. The Parish Council are in regular contact with residents at Heath Farm and are monitoring the situation. Visitors to Heath Farm will need to use a temporary track installed from the corner at Bishop's Gorse. The initial installation of this temporary track leaves a lot to be desired but we are assured that remedial work to improve matters is in hand.
  • 14/05/19 - Work in Heath Farm Lane is scheduled to start on 10th June and last for 6 to 8 weeks. Investigations are ongoing seeking to avoid the need to dig up Old School Lane and Chesterton Road.
  • 30/04/19 - It now looks very likely that the gas main will use the public highway green lane to reach Heath Farm, and then proceed up Heath Farm Lane. Still in doubt is whether it will cross directly into GLH controlled land from Heath Farm Lane, or continue along Old School Lane and up Chesterton Road. We continue to press for the former.
  • 24/04/19 - GTC have today confirmed continued exploration of our proposed alternative route. I have asked if the signs on the original route will be updated again to reflect this.
  • 15/04/19 - GTC have informed us that the commencement date has been deferred for a further week to allow investigations into an alternative route to continue.
  • 06/04/19 - The meeting with representatives of GTC and their contractors went ahead and was constructive. GTC have agreed to postpone comencement of works for one week to allow for investigation of an alternative route. The Parish Council and others are actively pursuing this and will report further when able to do so without prejudicing negotiations. Parish Council representatives and Cllr Mills met with Jeremy Wright MP on 5th April. Mr Wright has offered support, if needed, if issues arise that may be solved with help from Government departments. Mr Wright had already written to GTC stating his interest in the situation, and his wish that they pursue the alternative route if at all possible. An alternative is not yet secured, but we will do our best to secure it. If the alternatiuve is not secured GTC gave undertakings to avoid full road closure if any stage of the works allow for traffic control as an alternative. They will also endeavour to open the roads outside outside of working hours, and to avoid weekend working.
  • 27/03/19 - Advance warning signs have been erected. This is apparently a statutory obligation. GTC have agreed to a meeting with affected businesses as well as local councillors. A meeting date of 4th April has been agreed but we are trying to bring that forward.
  • 21/03/19 - Some 60 villagers attended the public meeting. Sadly only Matthew Davies from WCC attended to provide any information. A list of questions and concerns was compiled and has been sent to the gas company GTC. A meeting with their representatives is being arranged for the week beginning 1st April.

Latest on broadband in Lighthorne

Please read this newsletter from CSW Broadband.

Changes to Stagecoach bus services

Stagecoach have announced changes to some of their bus services. Details can be found on the WCC web site.

Police Community Messaging Service

Warwickshire Police is encouraging the local community to sign up for their free messaging service to keep up-to-date with what is going on in your local area.

The Warwickshire Police Community Messaging Service (CMS) is a two-way local watch scheme that enables communities to engage with their local watch groups and the police.

Local watch schemes such as these are aimed at encouraging communities to work together to protect both themselves and their property.

It is a free tool that anyone can sign up for and in doing so, you will receive crime alerts for your local area along with useful crime prevention advice and community safety information. It also offers you the opportunity to join a local watch scheme or even start one.

By offering this service, we hope to further protect people from harm by not only preventing crime but also reducing the local community's fear of crime.

When you sign up to this service you can tailor it to your requirements, for example, you can select which watch schemes you are interested in hearing from and in which areas.

Kevin Powell, Citizens in Policing Programme Supervisor from Warwickshire Police said: "Since its launch, we are really pleased with how many people have signed up to our Community Messaging Service. The Community Messaging Service has greatly enabled us to improve communications with our local residents on the issues that really matter. It has also proved to be an invaluable and useful tool that has allowed us to keep our local communities updated on a daily basis in relation to what is going on in their local area. We hope to encourage even more people to sign up if they would like to hear useful advice and tips on how to keep themselves and their local communities safe while raising awareness of the types of crime that are affecting our communities."

To find out more about the Warwickshire Police Community Messaging Service, please visit: If you would like to register for this service, please visit:

General handyperson required

Lighthorne Parish Council is seeking an occasional handyman or woman able to carry out ad-hoc maintenance and other small tasks in the village. Such tasks might include:

  • Repairs to public benches
  • Emptying public bins not included in the regular bin collection
  • Attending to fallen trees in public areas where safe
  • Inspecting and tidying public sites after travellers have visited

Applicants should be of a practical nature, fit and mobile. There are no set hours. The position would formalise some activities currently undertaken by volunteers and would be paid an hourly rate for work undertaken to be agreed with the Parish Council, along with any expenses incurred with prior approval.

If you think that this is something that would appeal to you please call any Parish Council officer for a chat. Contact details for Parish Councillors are on the LPC web site.

Parish Council e-mail list

If you would like to receive e-mails when the Parish Council have something to announce then please send an e-mail to Cllr Andy Smith. This link should put you into a pre-completed e-mail which you just have to send, but if it doesn't work please just send an e-mail to asking to subscribe to the list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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