How it works

Lighthorne Parish Council receives notification from Stratford District Council of all planning applications within the parish, and is treated by SDC as a consultee. If the parish council takes a position on an application that differs from the recommendation of the case officer, and submits that position before a stated deadline, then the application will go before SDC's Planning Committee East at the next meeting that has room on the agenda. The same applies if the Ward Member submits a response at odds with the case officer. If there are no representations made, or if they all concur with the case officer's recommendation, the case officer is able to make a decision under delegated powers and the Planning Committee need not be involved.

At the Planning Committee meeting the Ward Member is able to speak for 5 minutes, the Parish Council for 3 minutes, the applicant for 3 minutes, and others supporting or objecting may speak for a total of 3 minutes for each group. After speaking questions may be asked by members of the Planning Committee, but speakers may not make any other representation other than succinct answers to those questions. After speakers and questions the Planning Committee debate the application and then take a vote. The proceedings are recorded and may be reviewed from a few days after the meeting.

Residents intending to submit a planning application are welcome to discuss their application with the Parish Council, and are encouraged to approach all of their neighbours who might be affected before submitting their application. Consultation is an important part of the planning process. If your application is not controversial and does not meet with objections then the Parish Council will most likely not make any representation. If, however, your application receives strong objection or indeed strong support then the Parish Council will consider carefully whether to support or object to the application.

Anyone is able to submit comments in support or objecting to a planning application on the SDC planning web site. Your comments will be made public, including your name and address. After the application has been determined your comments are no longer visible. Individually worded comments with valid planning arguments may carry more weight than orchestrated comments where several people repeat the same thing verbatim. If you want to be alerted to new planning applications in your area you can sign up to SDC's planning application e-mail alerts.

Other than being able ensure the planning application is referred to the Planning Committee the influence of the Parish Council is limited, and certainly no guarantee of a decision one way or another. The table below shows planning applications on which the Parish Council has taken a position, with links to the application on the SDC web site, and to the webcast of the Planning Committee meeting.

Lighthorne Village lies within a Conservation Area. To understand the planning implications of this, visit the Conservation Areas page. The village also has a Village Plan produced in 2012. This plan carries minimal weight when determining planning applications. Village Plans have been superceded by Neighbourhood Plans but Lighthorne doesn't currently have one.

Reporting nuisances

Any activity that causes a nuisance from noise, smell, or another factor, is likely to need planning consent. If you are disturbed by any such persistent nuisance then this can be reported to Stratford District Council via their Nuisance web page.

Planning applications supported or opposed by Lighthorne Parish Council

ApplicationSiteDecision dateDecisionPC positionRecording
20/01719/FUL14 Mountford RisePendingPendingObjectN/A
20/01654/REMMoreton Morrell LanePendingPendingObjectN/A
20/00897/FULHill Farm10/07/20RefuseNo Objection
(with reservations)
20/00676/FULSports Field08/06/2020GrantApplicantN/A
20/00276/FULHome Farm06/05/2020RefuseObjectN/A
SDC Appeals page
Home Farm25/06/2020Appeal dismissedObjectN/A
19/02256/FULHome Farm31/10/2019RefuseObjectN/A
19/01838/VARYHome Farm26/11/2019GrantObjection withdrawnWebcast
SDC Appeals page
Home Farm08/05/2019Appeal
18/02053/FULHome Farm20/09/2018RefuseObjectN/A
18/01261/FULHome Farm28/06/2018
Allowed on appeal
18/00549/FULHome Farm01/05/2018RefuseObjectN/A
18/00215/FULCuracy Farm13/07/2018GrantObjection withdrawnN/A
17/03404/FULHome Farm30-01-2018WithdrawnObjectN/A
17/03370/FULVerney Close21-03-2018GrantObjectWebcast
17/03344/OUTMoreton Morrell Lane07-03-2018GrantSupportWebcast
17/01073/FULHill Farm26-10-2017WithdrawnObjectN/A
17/01059/FULLighthorne Rough04-10-2017GrantSupportWebcast
17/00654/FULHome Farm22-06-2017GrantObjectWebcast
16/04074/FULPound Green27-07-2017RefuseObjectN/A
16/03538/OUTMoreton Morrell Lane10-02-2017RefuseSupportWebcast
16/02389/FULLighthorne Rough08-12-2016RefuseSupportWebcast