Reporting Issues

From time to time there may be issues within the parish for which the Parish Council is not directly responsible. These may be reported to the Parish Council, but equally may be reported directly to the authority responsible, and this is in some cases the most expedient route. Residents are most likely to spot issues that are close to them or affect them, and so are best placed to monitor progress with rectification. Those reporting issues who use facebook may also report them in the Lighthorne Parish Community facebook group.

The Parish Council will always be interested in such reports and may be able to assist if the responsible authority is being unhelpful.

Domestic Water

Severn Trent are responsible for domestic water supply leaks originating under public land.You can check to see if a problem has been reported on the Severn Trent web site. If it has you can check on progress. If it has not you can report the problem, and precisely show the location on a map.

Storm Water

The Highway Authority, in our case Warwickshire County Council, are responsible for storm drains and roadside drainage grips. They have a right to drain to ditches on adjoining land, and the responsibility for those ditches falls to the land owner.

Problems with storm drains, grips and other flooding on the public highway may be reported on the WCC web site.

Pot Holes

Pot Holes are also the responsibility of the Highway Authority, and may be reported here.


Responsibility for trees can be a little harder to pin down, but this question & answer page on SDC's web site is a useful start.

Fly Tipping

Fly tipping is dealt with by Stratford District Council. You can report instances via the SDC web site.


General nuisance such as excessive noise or smoke are best resolved by a calm approach to the neighbour causing the nuisance. If this doesn't work or is not possible then Stratford District Council can investigate. Nuisances can be reported on the SDC web site.

Broken Links

The above links to the WCC web site may be fragile. If any do not work please e-mail the web master.