Rights of Way

The parish has several Rights of Way (RoW), some of which pass through the village. Maintaining these may be the responsibility of the land owner, or Warwickshire County Council, or both. However, WCC will offer support for any voluntary group prepared to assist with maintenance in the form of equipment, training to use that equipment, and insurance to cover volunteers when using that equipment. To find out more visit the WCC Rights of Way web page, e-mail paths@warwickshire.gov.uk, or call 01926 413427.

In the absence of a formal volunteer group any individual can report problems with a RoW using the WCC Public Rights of Way Map page. This page allows you to zoom in to identify the RoW, but you do have to register for a free account in order to report a problem. WCC will investigate reported problems, and if appropriate will encourage the land owner to clear any obstructions. WCC are responsible for upgrowth whereas the land owner is responsible for obstruction from hedges and trees.

The people best placed to report RoW problems, and to monitor resolution of those problems, are those who use the RoWs. The Parish Council encourages RoW users to take this initiative, and to contact the Parish Council in the event of unsatisfactory response.