Update - April 2022

As of 21st April 2022 a Permissive Path Agreement is now in force. This agreement expires after five years, or when the ownership of the land changes hands, whichever is the sooner. All advice we have received suggests that the land will transfer to Trust Management before the five year expiry date is reached. Trust Management have indicated that our safe path is completely in accord with their mission. Nevertheless, once ownership transfers to Trust Management we will seek to etablish a new formal agreement, and in due course we will seek to establish the safe path as a Public Right of Way so as to protect the amenity for the benefit of residents in perpetuity.

We will waste no time in making the safe path ready for use. You have all waited long enough! The first visible activity will be the installation of gates at either end. These will initially be secured and we ask that no attempt at access is made until the path is ready for use. Following the gates, stock proof fencing will be installed to maintain separation between path users and any livestock. The path on lower land near the tennis court will be dug out and filled with hardcore and a compressed stone surface to ensure it is firm and dry in wet months. The path along the hedgerow is raised, and the advice we have received is that it will only need the grass cutting as part of our regular village grass cutting schedule.

We are grateful to the Severn Trent Community Fund for issuing a generous grant that we hope will meet approximately half the costs.

A sign as below will be installed on the gates at both ends of the path explaining the main conditions of use. Please adhere to these conditions. Failure so to do may result in closure of the path.

Permissive Path sign for Safe Path